The Quest of Almero

Total Prize Money $3,000

Game Status Game Finished

Scroll down or swipe up.

Game Details

He is known as Angalo . A terrible beast, that lurks in the forests and preys on animals. People are afraid of going deep into the woods for fear of meeting this foul beast.
But  Angalo wasn't always a dangerous predator. He was a man once, now cursed by a witch to live in the form of half-beast, half-human. And day by day his humanity is dwindling.
But there is a way to cure him. A way to make him human again. Ancient sacred herbs, that grow on the tops of the Frozen Mountains.
You start on the dangerous path to help Angalo break his curse. Start on the path to Almero.


If the treasure is revealed it will be shared as per the following pattern already decided by the hunters.

Rank 1 - 10
Rank 11 - 20

Special Instructions

Tips and Tricks