Mia & the Mystery World

Total Prize Money $3,650

Game Status Game Finished

Scroll down or swipe up.

Game Details

Mia and her friends are on a school tour to this mysterious island. They enter a forest and amidst the hustle & bustle of the children, the little one gets lost. A strange but a bright spark of light appears in front of her, she chases it to find a massive waterfall. The spark of light slips into the waterfall, and Mia accidentally falls into the water, attempting to catch the spark. Inside, she sees a whole new world. She turns to run, however the waterfall behind her vanishes and she is trapped in the new world.

Left with no option, Mia moves further inside where she happens to meet a witch. The witch agrees to show Mia the entrance & get her out of the cave but on one condition. She has to answer some questions and get the key to the entrance. Help Mia find the answers to the Witch's quirky questions!


If the treasure is revealed it will be shared as per the following pattern already decided by the hunters.

First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Rank 4 - 10
Rank 11 - 50
Rank 51 - 100

Special Instructions

There are no clicking and revealing things in the game. So you don't have to click and reveal hidden things.

You are free to use any external sites, Google, Dictionary or even you can call up your friends for answers. There are no restrictions. The key to success is to find the answers as fast as possible and reach the final puzzle and solve it.

The hints and clues are shown in the area provided. Based on the clues in that area, you may have to look for additional clues in external websites or areas.

Tips and Tricks

Have a paper and pencil ready to work out and write. You will need you to write/draw and calculate to find the answer of some of the riddles. It is easy if you have a pencil and paper.

Keep the following things ready. A calculator, Oxford Dictionary etc.

You can use Google and your favorite search engines to search for questions and find the answers. We have tried our maximum not to use any publicly available riddle.

Invite your friends & get enough hints purchased or received for free. When you are stuck, these hints may be useful to reach the next levels.

Drink enough water, and prepare to spend time in front of the computer (Yes! computer. We prefer computer instead of small mobile phones for better visibility & easy solving!)


Once the game starts, your screen will show a riddle/puzzle, or some hints or clues to your answer. It may be in the form of some pictures which will lead to the answer, or numbers that would help you unlock the answer.

You need to solve the riddle/puzzle and type your answer in the area provided.

You can attempt answers any number of times. There are no negative points. But if you find the answer quickly, you will get more points.

Those who answer all the levels and reach the final level will be the ultimate winner & will get the prize (as per the winners table).

If you are stuck on some level, you can click on the Hint section on the game page and grab a clue. You will need to have a hint credit to reveal a hint. You can purchase hints or invite your friends to get free hints.