Brand Trivia

Total Prize Money $500

Game Status Game Finished

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Game Details

There are interesting stories behind every brand. There are unknown facts, leaders who worked to make the brand known to everybody in the world. If you are a person who likes entrepreneurship, who like the business world. Stories of the brand and its founders, then this trivia game is for you.


If the treasure is revealed it will be shared as per the following pattern already decided by the hunters.

First Prize
Rank 2 - 3
Rank 4 - 7
Rank 8 - 17
Rank 18 - 37

Special Instructions

You can search the answers on the internet. We don't have a problem. Sometimes you will have to read stories, sometimes you can recollect the known figures from memory or you can ask some of your friends for help.

Tips and Tricks

Please have the following things nearby. Paper, Pencil, a calculator. Also make sure that you have enough charge in your laptop, have a good internet and most importantly clear peace of mind!


There are 10 levels in this game, at each level, we will give some data about a brand or a person and you will have to elaborate, find missing links and find out the answer.

The person who answers the 10th level win the prize. You can try out answer any number of times but if you try to add more answers in a short time, the answer button will be disabled.